Welcome to the website of MlesnA(Ceylon) Tea!

Our main goal is to let the Hungarian customers know and love the MlesnA teas, which grown and packed in Sri Lanka and help to keep the health of people. Our passionate love of MlesnA Tea is the guarantee that we offer you a premium quality tea, which is outstanding among the Sri Lankan teas, as well.

The MlesnA teas contain only natural materials.

The MlesnA teas do not contain either sweetener or preservative.

The MlesnA teas have good effects on health; this is why MlesnA teas are among the healthiest natural drinks.

Beside the favourable effects for health, the MlesnA teas are famous of their outstanding aroma and taste. The elegant and flavour keeping packing ensures, that MlesnA products keep the best quality long after opening the tea box.

Thank you for your interest for the MlesnA brand. Please, come to our virtual teahouse in order to get to know our products. We hope, you will enjoy our teas and drinking MlesnA tea will be an outstanding experience for you.

The Mlesna Team